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Writing Preparation for IELTS

Today I want to talk about writing preparation. I found some great websites to practice general English and writing. Let’s check them one by one

The first one is Business English Resources.

This website is really useful for English learners. You will find many different materials and tests. You can check your grammar mistakes quickly. Also, they have a special page only for idioms. You should absolutely visit this page and try to find new idioms for your writing skills.

Also they have common mistakes page for English learners. You should check that page too. You will find some useful materials to improve your writing skills.

My next advice will be Grammar Checker

Every student has a problem to get corrected their essays. Even if you write an essay every day if you don’t know what are your mistakes then you will not get improved. So, this website is for you guys. You should write every day and check your grammar mistakes by Grammar Checker.

Also, you can find some other grammar checker website online. As we talked about before Grammarly is one of them.

Spelling is the most important side of Writing

For spelling mistakes, I would like to give you Reverse.net. You should use these tools to learn what are your mistakes. In the same time, this website gives you example synonyms, antonyms, conjunction and more grammar solutions.

Another tool is Language Tool

This is another grammar check tool but the difference is Language Tool has an option for American English and British English. So, you can check for both sides for some vocabularies.

On the other hand, they have a Chrome extension. You can download and use anytime while you surfing on the internet.

The last tool advice for you is Scribens

Scriben is a grammar check tool. But it has some samples to use. That is why I would like to recommend to you. You can check samples and use. Also, it has extensions and APIs. You should absolutely try it.

Good Luck

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