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Reading Topics for IELTS

Undoubtedly reading is the most significant part of learning English and IELTS exam. Generally, students make mistakes on IELTS  because of lack of vocabulary and reading.

So all teachers say that you should read a lot of books and articles. You should practice reading bla bla … But nobody says how? Or which subject? Today we will try to find out how to read and what topics we should read. Let’s start.

Memorising Vocabularies

Do not keep memorising new vocabularies without a story

Firstly, you should not keep memorising vocabulary without a story. This is so important. because we remember words by stories and people.

Even if you keep memorising every day 100 words you will not remember them. I am sure that you will forget all the vocabularies. How we won’t forget them? 

You should read books and newspapers. And if you see new words you should underline them and read them again. Afterwards, you should use these new words for your writing practice and speaking practice.

We should read a story again and again. And then, if we use newly learned vocabularies these new words and sentences will stay in our brain.

Different subjects and topics

In my opinion, we should choose a different subject in every reading practice .

Science, Politics, Environment, Fashion, Social trends, Media, Travel , Tourism, Globalization etc.. These topics will be helpful for our English skills. Generally, in IELTS, questions come from these topics.

I advise you to read BBC World news: https://www.bbc.com/news/world

I always read BBC news to follow global changes. Also, this habit keeps me learn new words, new complicated sentences, synonyms and antonyms.

Secondly, I advise ABC news: https://abcnews.go.com/ 

If you read different subjects every day, you will have a range of vocabularies and better memory to use your English skills.

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