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Reading materials for IELTS preparation.

Hey guys.

Today I want to add some reading materials for you. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Reading Articles for IELTS

How to prepare for IELTS – Reading: This pdf will help you to prepare yourself for reading section. Especially for different question types, you will be ready with your best answer. At least, you have to practice this pdf a few times.

Teaching Speaking: As we know, Pronunciation is the most important side of speaking. If you have good pronunciation then your speaking will be understandable. So, In the exam, you will get the best point. On this pdf, you will learn how to do better Pronunciation and how to speak.

Instructions for authors: This is only one-page reading material but you can find much good information about being an author. This article is actually for authors but I found it really could be useful for IELTS writing sections. Also, you need to read as much as you can so this is another reading material for you to read 🙂

Academic Reading and Writing

Technical Writing articles: On this page, you will see many different articles. Some of them about medical writing examples and some of them for technical things. While you read these articles, you will have new perspectives for writing. Also, you will learn new vocabularies. At least, you have to read these articles a few times. Trust me they will be helpful for you.

International law: This is another one-page reading material. It is about international law system. On IELTS exam you may see this kind of topics, especially on the academic section.

Medicine and Pharmacy: As you see the title, we have another academic article. I am trying to find you some more academic articles because of the complexity of sentences structures. If you read more complex reading sentences, you can create better articles. And you may see more different vocabularies on these academic articles.

I hope all these articles will be helpful for you. Please do not forget to follow us.

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