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PTE Academic English Test

What is PTE?

PTE( The Pearson Test of English ) is an English assessment test. It is known as the most unbiased English testing system. You can take PTE to prove your English level for study abroad or immigration. PTE is very trustworthy all around the world. Because it is computer-based and AI-based.(Artificial Intelligence)

If you take PTE Academic your result will be graded by AI. So maybe that is why PTE is the most trustworthy English exam all around the world. Also, it is so fast. You can learn your result even in 48 hours. So, if you compare PTE with other tests like IELTS or TOEFL, PTE is really fast.

Why should we choose PTE?

If you need an English to prove to apply for a visa , study abroad or immigration then you have to wait for a minimum of a few weeks by IELTS or TOEFL. And waiting is really annoying in that situation. I would absolutely choose PTE because of the fast results.

Secondly, PTE is the fairest test. Because of the Artificial Intelligence system, your result will be correct. You do not have to pay for the second assessment. Also, because of the AI, governments, colleagues, and universities accept and trust PTE more.

Why should we not choose PTE?

If you compare IELTS, Toefl and PTE, I would easily say that PTE is harder than others. You will absolutely feel the difference and hardness on PTE. But at the same time, I can say that if your English level is enough advanced then you will be okay on PTE.

PTE is harder than other tests if your English level is not perfect.

Also, the PTE test is a bit expensive than other tests. You have to pay 375$ to take PTE Academic.

PTE exam Sections

PTE has 3 sections. Speaking & Writing, Listening and Reading. It takes around 3 hours. You can take 10 minutes to break between the reading and listening sections. This break is optional.

Speaking & Writing Section

This section takes almost 95 minutes. In this section, you will be facing some questions.

  • Introducing yourself
  • Reading loudly
  • Repeating sentence
  • Describing an image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Summarising a text
  • Writing an essay

Reading Section

  • Summerise a spoken text
  • Multiple-choice questions for multiple answers
  • fill in the blanks
  • Correcting summary
  • Multiple-choice questions for a single answer
  • Selecting a missing word
  • finding incorrect word
  • writing from a dictation

Listening Section

You will listen to a video or audio and answer questions about them. There will be short listening sections like 60-90 seconds. You have to listen carefully and take notes. After listening, you will write answers and it should be around 50-70 words.

For more details, you can check this page.

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