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Listening Practice, Listening Skills and Accents.

Listening section is really hard in IELTS. But do not worry about it. We will find the best practice way to hear every single word in the IELTS listening section.

I don’t know why sometimes that it is getting really difficult to understand speakers. Even if you know which words speakers saying .Maybe the accent of speakers is a problem?  maybe some intonation? I think we should focus on accents a little bit.

Importance of an Accent 

Firstly the accent is very important. Because, in the listening section, speakers are from England or Australia and you should keep listening British or Australian accent .you have to listen to more British and Australian speakers. I mean that you have to watch the BBC and ABC news every day or some tv serials and documentaries. I can say that during the IELTS preparation you do not need to hear the American accent.

Practising with BBC news and ABC news

BBC news and ABC news languages might be very formal and boring for you but be sure that you need this. Because IELTS examiners want formal language from you. You do not need slang or informal language. As much as possible you should understand and speak formal English.

When you compare the accents and languages, there are many differences between American English and British English. In British English, people always use formal and sophisticated words and sentences. But American people are not like that. Americans use different phrasal verbs and slangs.

On the next articles, we will talk more about the differences between accents and how American and British people use the language.

When you practice listening with the BBC and ABC news you will get used to accents. After a while, you should take an exam which could be in Cambridge 1-10 IELTS preparation exams. You will absolutely see the improvement of your listening skills.

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