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Improve your Writing

Hello Dear IELTS students

Today we will talk about writing preparation and skills. We will learn how to improve writing skills. I hope this article will be helpful for you to get a better point from the IELTS writing section and I hope it will help you to improve your writing skills for your business life.

Importance of Reading

Firstly I have to say that reading is the most important thing to improve writing. You should read as much as possible to being a good writer. Also together reading, you have to analyze how to make good and stronger sentences. While you read an article you should think? How can I write like this strong sentences? With the strong sentences, you will remember all the words.

In my opinion, after more and more reading, you should have chosen some special vocabulary list to use in your writing and speaking. Because I analyzed that all native speakers have some special words to use for writing and speaking. So why do not we do that? I am not saying that it is a good way to use a language but at the beginning, we can do this. And after a while, you will choose harder vocabularies.

In addition, you can have your own conjunction list. When you read every day you can see the strongest conjunctions and learn how to use them. Also in the next days, I will say something about conjunctions, synonyms and antonyms. And you will keep collecting your own words, conjunctions, synonyms and antonyms.

Writing an essay everyday

Furthermore, you must write everyday minimum for half an hour which is most significant practice for IELTS takers. Also writing a blog is really fun and good practice for English learners. You have to write something every day.

At the end of this article, I want to say that using different words and range of vocabulary, some synonyms and antonyms are really effective to develop writing skills.

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