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IELTS, Work permit and Residency

You want to go abroad for work and study. But it is really hard to get a visa? right? also, it is also hard to get a work permit. So, what should we do to get a work permit and residency? Let’s have a look at these questions.

Every country has its own rules to get a work permit and residency. Some of them ask a letter from a company or a family. Or you should be attended to a university to study. If you already get a job then you can get the work permit easily. We will check European countries’ rules to get a work permit and residency.

Germany work permit

To work in Germany, you should contact the German embassy. You can find an application for any language. You have to be careful when you fill the form. You must give the correct information. Otherwise, you may lose your second chance to apply.

Especially some of the sectors have more chances than others like the IT sector. If you have an ability to work as a programmer , software test engineer or it specialist then you will have more chance then others. But of course, you need to prove your ability to work in a German company.

For more information you can check this page.

Let’s say you get the work permit and you are in Germany, for the second step, you should save some money to have your second year. Because you have to give your future plan to the government. Every year, you should prove your earnings and give future plan and then they will give you work permit to work next year.

Finally, if you stay there long enough you can apply for the residency. Trust me you should be really careful.

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