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IELTS Speaking Section Tricks and Details

Today we will talk about the speaking section. I want to give you some details. If you understand every single detail you can practice better and I am sure that you will find the best practice method for yourself.

IELTS Speaking Section Tricks and Details
IELTS Speaking Section Tricks and Details
  1. In the IELTS speaking section, you will be face to face with an examiner. The examiner will be British or Australian.
  2. The speaking section will finish in 15 minutes and it is the same with Academic IELTS or General.
  3. The examiner will have a recording device to record all the speaking section. So, if you don’t like your speaking score you may apply for re-assessment. But it will cost you extra money.
  4. In the exam, the first 5 minutes the conversation will be about yourself. Examiner will ask you personal questions like your name, hometown or family.
  5. Second 5 minutes the examiner will give you a card for a topic. You will have a minute to think about it. Afterwards, you have to talk about the topic at least a few minutes or till the examiner stop you.
  6. The examiner will be controlling time during the speaking section. So, you do not have to worry about the time. You should just focus on your answers.
  7. The last 5 minutes, the examiner will ask you more complicated questions about the topic or global topics.
  8. There are four criteria to assess your score for the speaking section.
  • Fluency: You should speak fluently. If you hesitate a lot during the exam then you will lose points. But you should also not speak so fast. Do not forget that you have to speak fluently and understandable.
  • Vocabulary: Your knowledge of vocabulary will be really important on the exam. You have to use a range of vocabulary as much as you can.
  • Grammar: You have to show all of your grammar skills. You should use complicated grammar structures without mistakes.
  • Pronunciation: Pronunciation is the other important point for speaking section. If your pronunciation is not okay your speaking will not be understandable. So you will lose points. You have to be careful with pronunciation.

You have to practice as much as you can. And you can check this video for the possible speaking section.

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