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IELTS Speaking Section Tricks

How should we speak ?

In this post, I would like to give you some speaking rules especially for IELTS speaking section.

If you look at the other IELTS blogs or web sites they only give recent questions for speaking section. But they do not say anything about how to speak and how to behave.

There are 3 rules for speaking section.

1. Listen question be carefully and give a certain answer as soon as possible

For example, the question is ‘what is your favourite colour?’

The answer has to be certain and you should look sure for your answer.

A good answer is: My favourite colour is black. (You have got the point)

Bad answer: uum I do not know actually but I guess black!  (You lost)

The second answer is not good and it is not a sure answer. You have to be acting surely.

2. Okay. You gave the good and sure answer at first, now you should give some details.

For example; My favourite colour is black because black colour makes me feel great.

This is a good answer because you have a certain answer and you said your reason for your answer. It is completely explanatory. And do not worry, even if you don’t like black colour 🙂

3. After your explanation, you should try to find an example to support your answer. That would be great. And you will be giving a fully detailed answer and you can get the full point from the question.

For example ;

1. My favourite colour is black   (certain and quick answer)

2. Because black colour makes me feel great  (reason to support your answer)

3. As you see from my trousers I always use black clothes when I go out. (example to support your reason) Of course, you can give this answer if you have black trousers 🙂 If you don’t have it you should find another example. Think about it.

In conclusion, if you use this method for your daily speaking you will improve your level of English. In the same time, these tricks will help you to give the most suitable answers to IELTS speaking questions.

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Good Luck

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