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IELTS Speaking Section details

Today we will talk about IELTS Speaking section.

IELTS Speaking Section details

What is your name ?

Where are you from ?

What is your job ?

As you see this part is the easiest part of the speaking section. But you should give detail about your answer.

Importance of details

For example ;

For the question ‘Where are you from ?’ Your answer should be detailed like ‘I am from Athens. It is the capital city of Greece and it is a lovely mediterranean city ‘. These details will support your answer.

Second part of speaking section

On the second part examiner will ask you some complex questions by a card.Examiner will give you a card and you will see the topic and question.After that examiner will give you 30 seconds to think and prepare yourself to talk about the topic.

That is the most important moment on speaking section

You have to think really quick and choose the negative side of the topic or the positive side of the topic.When you decide to choose your side you should prepare yourself to support your idea.

Lets try to explain this by an example.

For example, the examiner gave the card. And your topic is ‘Nowadays computers are joined our life a lot. Especially in education. What do you think about it ?’

Firstly you should decide your side .İt is good or bad ?

And then you should find 3 support idea to explain why it is good or bad ?

If the examiner ask me this question I would say that computers are good for education system

Okay I have chosen my side. And now I have to find supporter ideas. To find supporter ideas ,I can ask some questions to myself like why ? where? when?

Why computers are good for education system ? Because you can learn everything by yourself at home with a computer. And you don’t have to go to course or school.

When computers are good for education system ? Sometimes you don’t have time for course to learn new topics and you can use your computer and learn by yourself anytime.

Where computers are good for education system ? One day you might move to somewhere and all the schools and courses might be very far away to you.So what can you do ? Of course you will use your computer to get lessons.

If you really understand this system and apply in the exam I am sure that you will be successful.

Good luck.

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