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Hello dear IELTS takers

First writing for our visitors.

Today I will say something about general preparation. I mean all sections together which is like normal IELTS exam. normally IELTS exam is four section listening, reading, writing and end of the exam speaking section.

You should practice before an exam like real IELTS examination. You have to take time which should be the same as real exam time. For listening you should spend almost  30 minutes, the reading section is 1 hour, writing is 1 hour but you should spend 20 minutes on task one and 40 minutes for task 2.

For this general preparation, I advise you to use Cambridge İelts Preparation 1-10 which I used and I am still using for my students.

I know that everyone says you should use these books but how?

This is the best point for IELTS preparation.

Firstly obtain all books and start with Cambridge IELTS 1 but do not apply like a normal test.I mean that you can spend more time on tests and sections.

For instance, start with the first test’s listening section. Do your best and turn back and start again. Also, you can stop the recording if you do not understand. You should do it again and again then after you can check the answer list. 

This is the best way. You can use the first book like this. And then you should recognise what is your weakness in the English language? 

For example, your weakness is listening so concentrate on it. Do more listening. More and more

Second book and rest you can choose another way depending on your success in the first book .

In addition, select the cambridge 3 and 5 for the end of your practice especially one week before your real exam. So you ask why 3 and 5?

I analyzed that these books are really clean and very close to the real IELTS exam. In this way, you may estimate your real IELTS score .

good luck 🙂

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  1. That is a really good article.Thank you for sharing

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