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How to Speak Fluently for IELTS?

Fluency of Speaking for IELTS

Today I want to give some details about speaking. I would like to talk about the importance of fluency. Also, we will try to give an answer to this question ‘How to speak fluently?’.

Daily routine practices for speaking

1.Minimum half an hour speaking practice:

If you have a chance to speak with a native speaker you have to speak minimum half an hour every day. And, you should choose a different topic to talk. If you don’t have a chance to speak with someone you have to read loudly minimum 50 pages.

Also, you can find a native speaker friend from social media. And some English practice websites give you the chance for speaking.

I would like to give this blog for it. You can find many different English materials to practice.

If you have a friend to speak every day you have to prepare specific topics for speaking practice. As you know IELTS focus on some specific subjects for the exam. What were these topics?

So , if you practice these topics every day you will have a habit to speak fluently.

2. Record your speaking and listen:

This is the most important practice method for speaking. Even if you have a chance to speak with someone , you have to do this practice every week.

Firstly, you have to choose a topic to read. You should find some academic articles and reports about the topic. You will read and learn new vocabularies for the topic.Afterwards you should write and essay about the topic.

Finally, you will read your essay loudly and record it. You should read slowly and soft. And then you will listen to it. When you listen to your voice recording you should try to find out what are your mistakes? You should focus on your pronunciation and understandability.

As a result , these exercises will help your speaking and you will get a good point from IELTS speaking section.

Good Lock.

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