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How to Learn English Faster

Fast English

Hey dear friends. In this article, we will talk about learning English . Especially we will try to find the easiest and fastest way to learn and speak English. Let’s see which way makes easier to learn and speak 🙂

Making a Plan for English Learning

Of course, when you learn something, you need to make a great plan to work on. For English learning, you have to split your plan to 4 parts. Listening, reading, writing and speaking parts.

We split our plan into four parts because when you learn a new language you have to improve your ear, mouth and mind at the same time. You should listen and read as much as you can but if you do not write or speak you will not learn properly.

That is why , you should spend same time for each part. For example ;

An hour speaking practice: You should practice daily routine speaking conversations.

An hour writing practice: You have to write your daily routine and try to improve it every day.

An hour reading practice: You have to read the daily news from different newspapers

An hour listening practice: You should listen to songs and check the lyrics. Also, you have to listen to daily conversations from youtube.

Finding different materials

Materials are so important to learn and improve your English skills. You have to find many of reading materials to see different sentence structures and different phrasas.

Also, you should check American literature and British literature. Because of the difference between these two literatures , you may misunderstand some structures. That is why you have to check both side.

Listening different Accents

Maybe the most important part of learning a new language is listening. You need to hear different accents as much as you can. There are millions of videos on youtube to hear and watch different accents and behaviours of native speakers.

Especially some of the daily conversations, you have to watch at the same time to understand phrases. I would like to give you some examples.

This video show specific British accent and behaviours.

Speaking different people with different accents

If you have a chance to speak native speakers, you should try to speak to people from different countries to understand structures. Every country has their own phrases and structures and these things affect their accents. By hearing different accents, you can improve your own native English accent. Reading different kinds of literature and news.

As a result, we should practice as much as we can. Do not forget to follow us from our social pages.

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