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How to Improve Listening skills ?

Lets look at this question

İn this article I like to talk about listening and speaking skills and I want to find some answers to that question How can we improve these skills?

I am sure that everyone needs to develop their listening and speaking skills. For me, the most difficult section is listening and the easiest section is speaking but no worry also these two sections improve together and we will solve all the problems of your speaking and listening. I mean that if you do some practice for listening, you can also make your speaking level better.

So What should we do for good Speaking and Listening Skills :

1Watch BBC and ABC news: Maybe you heard this advice before many times  but this time I am not telling you that you should only watch BBC and ABC news. Also, I am saying that choose a BBC video from youtube and convert it as an mp3 file and listen several times and try to understand every single words and phrase. If you do not understand the speaking at the video you have chosen, send me the video link and I will try to analyse for you.

You can use a converter for Youtube to mp3.

2Find different accents from Youtube: It is also funny to listen to different accents sometimes.  In London,  people use many different accents and if you check only the  accents whichs are spoken in England you can improve your speaking and listening.

For example, this guy is really talented to use accents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjpApOYziCw

Also, these guys explain some British accents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG0P5vyuGrw

If you have a problem with understanding so you can open the subtitles and you can manage the video speed from the video features. 

You can see the video features up there

3. Maybe you can find someone to talk?: I know that it is very hard to find someone to talk English but  I am sure you can find someone to talk on skype. For this issue, I am planning to open a new post to share our skype addresses to talk to each other. So do not forget to follow us.

Also, we have a Facebook group for speaking English. You should absolutely join us.

4. Record your voice : Maybe this is the most usufel method for English learners. If you could not find anyone to talk so you can record your voice and then listen to yourself. And try to make analyse it. How is your accent? Compare it with others. And ask yourself some questions like how is your spelling? And you have to compare your speaking to native speakers. You should force yourself to find out what is your mistake when you speak. This practice will help you to improve your listening and speaking skills. Trust me.

5. Read loudly: This is another useful method to practice speaking and listening. When you read loudly and slow you will listen to yourself and it will help you to understand words.  When you read loudly you have to read like a storyteller. You can see a video below a good narrative.

Folk Tales of Britain: Narratives | The Folio Society:

You have to try to read like this as much as possible. You will see the improvement in your listening and speaking skills soon.

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