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How to Guess Unknown Words?

If you don’t know enough vocabulary these methods will help you a lot

Today I want to talk about guessing a Word that you have no idea. Yes, you can guess sometimes. If you know some methods, what I will give you in this article, You can learn words by yourself. Also, you can learn how to guess new words without a dictionary.

You have to check new vocabularies by English.

I mean that you have to use dictionary English to English. When you read a new Word you should learn the meaning by English. That will help you to improve your English mind. Your mind will work English.

You should delete your mother tongue from your mind while you practice English. If you practice by this method your brain will be switched automatically. And then, If you hear English sentences, your brain will react directly by English. You will not think about your mother tongue.

You should realize negative and positive words.

If you read at least 20 pages every day you will realize negative and positive words. Also, some of the vocabularies have a special suffix or prefix.

For example: As a prefix ,Un makes negative of a word.

Unknown – known

Unrealized – realized

Unperceived – perceived

You have to understand some specific suffix and prefix to realize a Word.

For more ; You should check -ness , -less ,-ful

careful , colorful, fearful, endless, harmless, hardness, darkness

You have to try to understand all sentence.

A sentence could show meaning or main idea. If you understand 70 per cent of the words on a sentence you can imagine the others. So, you do not have to know all of the words in a sentence.

If a sentence is saying something about positive or good you do not have to think negative words or meanings. Also, in the IELTS reading section, there are many paragraphs. You can understand the main idea from other sentences if you do not understand one of them.

Advice for Dictionary

I would like to give you advice for a dictionary. As I said from the beginning of this article you should use English to English dictionary. Due to this reason, you can use the Cambridge Dictionary.

I always use the Cambridge dictionary to check new words. So, I hope it will be helpful for you. Please do not forget to follow us

Good Luck.

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