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How to get 7 points from IELTS Speaking section?

What should you do in IELTS Speaking Section?

Today I want to talk about the speaking section. We will talk about good speaking skills and how to get 7 points or more in the speaking section. There are some indispensable features for good speaking what we will talk about.

Good Grammar for Speaking

You should know every single detail of English grammar. You can learn by yourself of course but I would strongly advise you to study with a teacher. If you have a chance to study with a native speaker that would be great. But I know most of the students do not have this chance.

If you don’t have a chance to study with a teacher don’t worry. You can learn everything from books or the internet. Do not forget that you should check all the details of English grammar and use them.

After learning full of grammar, you should try to use while you speaking. If you use different and complicated structures your speaking will be strong and powerful.

How to get 7 point from IELTS speaking

Phrasal Verbs for Speaking

You should check common used British English phrasal verbs to use when you speak. Do not forget that only British English. Phrasal verbs can show some differences between American and British English. So, for the IELTS, you have to use British phrasal verbs.

Due to this reason, I would like to give you a website for British phrasal verbs.I hope it will be helpful for you.

Understandability of Speaking

Maybe the most significant side of speaking is understandability. If your understandability of speaking is not okay, you cannot get a good point from the speaking section, even if you use great grammar. So, you have to practice pronunciation.

For better pronunciation, you should listen a lot. Also, you should learn how to listen. Secondly, you have to learn the movement of mouth and tongue. And finally, you have to record your voice and listen.

These methods will improve your pronunciation a lot.

Using Idioms for Speaking like a native speaker

Every language has different idioms to express situations and events. Idioms have a few words and mostly they express a situation in a different way.

For example:

All talk and no trousers – Someone talks a lot, doing big things, but he or she doesn’t take any action.

Cheap as chips – If something is very cheap you can use this idiom.

Finally, I would like to give you this website. So you can check all the British idioms to use. I hope it will be helpful for you. Please do not forget to follow us.

Good Luck.

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