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How to get 7 or more points from IELTS Listening Section

How to get 7 points from the Listening section

Today I want to talk about the listening section. Especially, we will talk about points and how to get 7 or more points from the listening section. Also, I will share some websites and videos with you to practice for the listening section.

Firstly, You have to give a minimum of 30 correct answers out of 40 questions. 30 correct answers mean you can get 7 points from IELTS listening section. If you give 32 or more correct answers you can get 7.5 points. But you have to spell correctly. Otherwise, you cannot get the full point.

Also, you should be careful about the number of words. For every question, they will give you numbers and you will know how many words you should use. So, you should be careful about it.

Useful Listening Practice

Most of the students practice listening but not in a useful way. If you find the best method for listening you can improve your listening skills quickly. So, which methods we should use?

Reading and Listening at the same time

If you read and listen at the same time your ears will improve more and more to understand words. Also, you will check to spell when reading at the same time. So, in the exam, you will give the right answers with the right spelling.

In the end, if your spelling is okay you will not miss any point from the listening section.

Importance of Reading and Listening speed

So, we talked about reading and listening at the same time but we also have to improve our speed when we read and listen. How can we do that? We should use our device features. For example; if we use a smartphone we can use the features to change the speed of the listening section.

Also, we can use Youtube for listening and reading practice. As we talked about Youtube features before, you can use Youtube features to change the speed of video or listening section. Trust me, this is the best method to improve your listening skills.

In this video, you will see a story with a subtitle. So, you can read and listen at the same time. Also, you should change the speed of the video to practice faster.

Movement of a Mouth

This method will help you to improve your listening skills and speaking skills. You have to understand how a native speaker’s mouth movements work. If you understand the movement of mouth you have to try to copy it to speak better. Also, it will help you to understand a listening part. Because it will help your ear to understand words.

So, That is why I recommend you to practice with videos to see a native speaker’s mouth movements.

In this video, you can practice mouth movements.

So please do not stop practising. English is the easiest language. And please do not forget to follow us.

Good Luck.

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