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How can we improve reading skills?

In this post, I want to look closer to this question. Most of  IELTS takers are looking for improving reading skills. Some of them struggle a lot. So how can we solve this problem?

Some people love reading naturally but some others that they don’t like reading even their own mother tongue. If you like reading you can get higher your reading level easily for any language . But if you don’t like you should find some method for it .

What to do for better Reading ?

We will talk some of mine and general methods that  about reading ability and how to improve it :

1. Find something interesting to read: If you read something interesting for you then  that makes you feel motivated. And words come naturally in your mind. Therefore you want to read more and more. Interesting topics will take you to another dimension. Never forget those interesting topics are more fun.

2. Evaluate you reading habit to find out what you need to improve :   What kind of words are not familiar to you? Or what kind of sentences very hard to understand for you ? Maybe scientific words.Maybe environmental or medical subjects. When you find it you have to focus on it to make familiar for you.

3. Provide the best place for reading : That is really important actually. Because when you read something you have to focus on it , and the place must be silent to keep concentrate . And you can use a pen while you reading. Be sure that a pen will help you to understand complex sentences.

4. Find something to read on your level: If you have a problem with reading you should find out what is your level ?. Even if sometimes makes you really bored you should keep on your level. Firstly you should start with the easiest one then when you feel your reading is getting a higher level then you can change the level of books you read.

5. Try to imagine when you read: It is probably a difficult thing for beginner students but you should try. Because if you imagine while you read you can understand the words one by one. And easy to keep memorise new vocabularies by imagination. You will learn this method and use it every day.

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