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English Speaking Practice methods

Nobody can deny that learning a new language might be very hard for many of us. Especially speaking is the most important and critical part of the learning path. Because you need to speak to someone who is a native speaker. And you have already experienced that finding a native speaker is a really hard job.

But do not worry anymore. In this article, we will talk about speaking practice alone. End of the article, you will have the ability to practice speaking by yourself. And trust me:) It will work.

Copy the Accent

Everyone watches tv serials or movies these days and we learn many things about English speaking. But at the same time, we need to understand the pronunciations of the words. We always stuck into pronunciation mistakes as English learners.

We should focus on native speakers’ accents and copy their mouth movements. Maybe we have to watch again and again to get the same accent from these movies. You should use youtube features to understand more about the accents.

Some of the youtube features give us easiness. For example, you can choose a video to listen to the English speaking section. You can change the speed of the video or you can put a subtitle for the video. And these features will help you to understand every single detail about the accent.

Speaking English practice

How to Read Books for better Speaking Ability?

Everyone reads books but do you think we really know how to read? I do not think so. So let’s talk about reading habits and how we should really read books.

First of all, we have to read loudly. Reading loudly always helps your listening ability and speaking ability. While you are reading, you hear yourself and listen at the same time.

Also, you have to record your voice while you read. After your recording has done, you will listen to yourself and try to catch your mistakes, pronunciation problems, and grammar mistakes.

Narrative and Loudly Reading Behavior

Finally, I would like to talk about the narrative reading method. If you check the definition of narrative you will see that it is a story expression style. Sometimes it can be theatrical. You can see an example from this link.

You have to check some of these stories on youtube. After that, you have to try to read books in a narrative way and loudly. You will find your own narrative reading style after a while. And finally your reading will be perfect and that will help your speaking skills.

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