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Listening section of IELTS exam

Listening to other Accents for Improving Listening Skills.

Listening to other Accents to Improve Listening Skills for IELTS

Listening improvement for IELTS. There are many different accents all around the World. In the IELTS exam, you don’t have to use an Accent. But you have to speak understandably. Also, you have to understand at least the British Accent and Australian accent. Because in IELTS exam , speaking section examiners are from Australia or England. Nobody talks about this …

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Listening Practice, Listening Skills and Accents.

Listening and Accent

Listening section is really hard in IELTS. But do not worry about it. We will find the best practice way to hear every single word in the IELTS listening section. I don’t know why sometimes that it is getting really difficult to understand speakers. Even if you know which words speakers saying .Maybe the accent of speakers is a problem?  …

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