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Australia work permit, residency or study

Australia is getting a better economy day by day. As one of the most dynamic countries, Australia might give you a better perspective and life standards. So, you may be asking why should you choose Australia?

Why should we choose Australia?

  • Trustworthy economy and growing sectors every year. The stability of finance gives you a less stressful life.
  • There are many job opportunities in different sectors. Especially the Information Technology sector is getting a really good position in Australia.
  • Even if you get a minimum wage you can save some money. Because Australia has a high minimum wage.
  • There is a free healthcare system. Also exceptional social benefits.
  • And finally, you will have a great Australian social life in beautiful cities.

Australia Visa process and Work Permit

As you know first you have to prove your English level to get permit. You can take IELTS or TOEFL for this. For the IELTS level, acceptable grades are changeable for sectors. But if you get 6.5 from academic IELTS you probably get visa for all the other sectors.

Secondly, you need to prove educational documents or employment documents. If you do not have any problem with these documents then the visa process takes around 3-4 months.

After you get the visa, you can stay in Australia for 12 months. After that, you have to renew it every year.

You should be under 45 years old to apply for a visa. Unfortunately, Australia wants to have young people in their society. Also, you have to be healthy. Finally, you will go to an interview to show your character and personality.

As you can imagine, they want someone who has a good personality and good character for their community.

Study in Australia

To study in Australia you need to prove your English level. If you get 6.5 from Academic IELTS you can apply for any department in Australian Universities.

Australian universities cost around A$15.000 – A$33.000. But also, you can get a scholarship to study. And some of the universities have free courses. You can improve your skills with these courses and stay in Australia after graduate.

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